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Welcome to The Hairy Goat!

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The Hairy Goat is the Central Coast’s biggest dedicated craft beer and cider bar! Boasting over 40 craft beers and ciders available, both bottled and on tap, The Hairy Goat has quickly become a popular watering hole for craft beer and cider enthusiasts, novices, and all in between! Serving small batch brews from microbreweries on tap, patrons will enjoy the eclectic ambience coupled with our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Our taps are rotated frequently and you will quickly discover that there will always be a different craft brew to try on every visit!

The Hairy Goat offers great weekly entertainment – Trivia, acoustic sets from some of the Coast’s (and surrounds) best artists- there’s always something happening!

The Kincumber Hotel is also the home of the Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival – 2017 was a blast, with over 2,500 punters, and over 100 craft beers and ciders exhibited! Keep an eye on our website for updates on the next one…

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Collaboration Beer: Six String Brewery / Block ‘n Tackle Brewing / The Kincumber Hotel

English Brown Ale

Say hello to Charlie Brown Ale – the new collaborative festival brew made for the 2017 Central Coast Craft Beer Festival at Kincumber Hotel. This festival brew is all about the malt with classic English Maris Otter as the base malt then layered with Crystal, Chocolate and Caramalt to really bring out the biscuit and toffee flavours. Don’t expect much hop flavour or aroma with Charlie – the hops are traditional English East Kent Goldings used to provide balancing bitterness to the malt flavours. The malt sweetness in Charlie will work beautifully with a hearty dish of sausages, mashed potato and onion gravy. Keeping it even easier – you’ll love Charlie with just a sausage sandwich!

STOCKS: Hurry – this festival brew is a once-off with strictly limited supply available!

Style: English Brown

Strength: 5.5%


Mountain Goat

Summer Ale

Our Summer Ale is a real thirst-quencher, low on bitterness, and full of fruity, crisp characters. any summers ago, we used to have at the Goat Bar our seasonal hot weather staples: Skipping Girl and Goldilocks. Every summer we would release these beers but it soon occurred to us that this style was not only needed all year-round but also in a handy 375ml can (our love for a certain Victorian music festival may have given us the excuse we needed). The end result is low on bitterness but full of fruity, crisp characters. It’s great for everything outdoors: camping, hiking, picnics, gardening and, of course, BYO music festivals.

Style: Summer Ale
Strength: 4.7%


Block ‘n Tackle

 Jon Piper American IPA

New recipe adjustment means more hop flavour and aroma with less emphasis on malts for even smoother drinking!
Get set for an even fruitier explosion with our new take on the highly popular Jon Piper American IPA! By removing dark grains from our recipe, we’ve moved the balance a little away from the malt base and over to the hops. Maintaining the blend of ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Equinox’ hop varieties produces the incredible tropical fruit bowl aroma explosion with distinct melon, citrus and floral tones demonstrating why these hops are in such demand. The aromas are immediately translated into the first sip with the sweet malty base now paired back to allow a balance towards the fruity hop flavours. The bitterness is firm, but incredibly smooth resulting in a brew that promises to satisfy.STOCKS: GOOD!

Style: American IPA
Strength: 6.6%


Bilpin Cider

Original Cider

Bilpin Original Cider is pure, fresh apple cider delivering a perfectly balanced taste with a crisp apple aroma.

We have achieved this by sourcing fresh apples (Granny Smiths and Pink Ladies) from Bilpin and the surrounding region. These apples have undergone a gentle crush to ensure we retain the delicate fruit characters and aromatics.

As nature delivers subtle differences in each fruit harvest, so too does each batch of our Bilpin Original Cider.

Bilpin Original Cider contains no added sugar, artificial flavours or concentrates.

On tap now!

Style: Apple Cider 

Strength: 4.7%


Six String Brewing Co.

Coastie Lager

For Australia Day 2015, the team at Six String Brewing decided to launch a version of that oh-so-Aussie beer style: lager. They originally planned it as a proper local lager, keeping its availability strictly confined to the Central Coast but, such is the nature of these things, it proved popular so they relaxed the beer’s boundaries a little. And who can blame them; the style was chosen because it’s something that will go down well with those pursuing a coastal way of life, and Australia is hardly short on coastal dwellers.

The beer itself uses Summer hops designed to give aroma of melon and lemon myrtle while a touch of dry hopping with the same variety gives a slightly sweet finish that complements a breadiness from the malt. At 5 percent ABV and a mere 12 IBUs of bitterness, it’s pretty easy to imagine what this beer is like and the sweet spot it can hit as you pull up to the bar having spent the day in the sun. And, since they popped it in cans and sent the beer far and wide, you can bet that it’s hitting a lot of sweet spots.

.Style: Pale Lager Strength: 5.0%


Rocks Brewing Co.

Brown Ale- ‘The Burglar’

You often hear about how welcoming, inclusive and open to new opportunity the craft beer world is, and the latest release from the Rocks Brewing Company fits nicely within that narrative. It concerns Amanda Howkins, a British ex-pat who moved to Australia with bags full of impressive qualifications, certifications and around 20 years experience working with big overseas breweries and food manufacturers. After being alerted to her CV by a fellow Sydney brewer, Rocks invited her along to the brewery and, long story short, she’s now heading their lab operation as a microbiologist.

Once on board it turned out that, despite having years of experience mega breweries, she’d never actually been invited out of the lab to brew a beer before. The Rocks team had her on the brew deck within her first week, adding her input to what has become the Conviction Series Brown Ale.

It’s a beer that sits more comfortably in the realms of English brown ales as opposed to their hopper American counterparts, though here there is a little extra hop fruitiness to balance out the usual caramels and sweetness. The malts – six varieties in all – remain the stars of the show and proffer characters of chocolate and biscuit (chocolate biscuit, perhaps), nuts and even a hint of liquorice. Considering Rocks’ penchant for convict history and its links back to Old Blighty, the brown ale is a fine and natural fit, particular for the cooler autumn weather.

Style: English Brown Ale
Strength: 5.2%



We also have  Yenda Twist & Stout, New England Brewery ‘The Kooala’, James Squire Pale, James Squire Orchard Crush, and Little Creatures Pale Ale on tap too!

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